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De senaste tweetarna från @SILVER_SQUEEZE We are a community that loves Silver, Period. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Twitter silver squeeze 1/5/2021 let's do it. De senaste tweetarna från @SilverChartis Learn more about the silver short squeeze https://youtu.be/Med_S5TV1xgIn this video I talk about ongoing developments with the Silver Squeeze, and what's. Search query Search Twitter. Saved searches. Remove; In this conversatio


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  2. ing stocks: The asymmetric play of a silver
  3. Buying physical silver or shares of silver stocks is a way to be involved in the so-called Silver Squeeze 2.0. When more investors buy a stock or commodity, short-sellers usually need to sell.
  4. If you haven't been browsing WSB or doing your own research, you'd probably think that the people on Twitter are correct in saying there is a silver squeeze happening and we should all get in on it. There are quite a few wsb-logo Twitter accounts pushing this. This is BS & the straight up the ANTITHESIS of who we are
  5. All, We over at r/WorldWideSilverApes are going to give away an ounce a month, we currently have a sticky in the subreddit pinned to the top where you can enter for a chance to win yourself a free ounce of silver. We would also like to invite all of you to come on over when you are done laughing at memes and discuss Silver with us!! We would love to have EVERYONE come by!

The pressure is building in the silver market. The internet is awash with the latest attempt to squeeze physical silver to be carried out on May 1, 2021 - 10 years to the day since the monumental sell off/manipulation that occurred back at the highs of 2011. The February effort of the silver short squeeze was an idea The Recent Silver Squeeze. By Garrett Goggin. My Twitter exploded on January 29 My followers increased by over 1,000 in an hour. My tweets were liked and retweeted hundreds of times in seconds. I'd never seen anything like this. I'm a silver expert, so I'm not used to the Justin Bieber/Katy Perry treatment online. But something change The Silver Squeeze: Why It Should and Could Happen. Why squeeze silver? First, the silver price is heavily manipulated by the big banks. They have used illegal means to reap massive profits at the expense of the smaller investors (read: you and me). And, no, this isn't a conspiracy theory Where does the silver price go from here? We're in the process of a short squeeze right now, even though it's not showing up in the price, Vince Lanci shar.. Silver is one of the most heavily shorted assets on the planet, and the amount of paper contracts far exceeds available physical inventories. But the silver squeeze movement should be aware that mechanisms are in place on the exchanges for cash settlement

We're talking about the silver squeeze today with Miguel Perez-Santalla, the Head of Trading and Sales at Heraeus Metals, one of the worlds largest silver r.. It seems as if when other commodities have supply issues, price goes up. With silver, we see premiums go up but price not move. I feel price will move, soon. Update 5/7 - now added OVER 70m oz since silver squeeze. ETFs sourcing issues (5/7) - In early February, SLV and SIVR changed their prospectus to say all metals might not be here

silver squeeze. $118,188 cad raised of $100,000 goal. share donate now. twitter and more we are using money for advertising to raise awareness for silver ! here are the advertising companies we are speaking with now! we will be providing receipts to show complete transparency SDBullion's James Anderson, one week later was asked https://youtu.be/0Cim0Ae3DZY?t=580 to make sense of the #WallStreetBets & mainstream media conflation of.. The silver short squeeze is glaringly obvious to anyone paying attention to the data, the evidence is overwhelming, just take a look for yourself, PSLV. DD. Close. 6.8k. even up to the outrageous forecasts of $500+ from the likes of Patrick Karim on twitter

The Twitter silver squeeze 1/5/2021 let's do it

  1. 170 Years of Silver Price Suppression by the Banking Cabal is about to end in the biggest Moonshot in HISTORY! Are you Ready for it? Are you Ready to Fight f..
  2. This May, silver advocates everywhere are uniting to squeeze the supply of silver, coinciding with the 10-year anniversary of the 2011 silver market crash. Looking back at the events of that year, it's interesting to note what we learned since then
  3. Trying to Short Squeeze Silver is a Bad Idea It's f------ awful seeing the Silver misinformation campaign everywhere I look SEC Intern pls read: False media reports about 'Reddit traders' moving.

Silver Bullion Market is one of the most manipulated on earth. Any short squeeze in silver paper shorts would be EPIC. We know billion banks are manipulating gold and silver to cover real inflation. All of the best mines for silver have already been depleted in recent years. There is a severe supply shortage developing In this video I talk about the upcoming event on May 1st, 2021 which is being dubbed the silver squeeze 2.0 or mayday and it is the time to buy physical si.. About 36 hours ago an online movement started with the goal to push silver from $26 per ounce to $1,000 per ounce and is growing at an alarming pace - just google Silver Short Squeeze and see for yourself. Obviously silver rising to $1,000 per ounce is outrageous SGT. -. May 26, 2021. 0. 59. by Craig Hemke, Sprott Money: It has been four months since the #SilverSqueeze movement began on Reddit and Twitter. While it's difficult to quantify the impact this is having on the digital derivative price, there's no doubt that there have been major implications for the physical market Silver Squeeze Trends On Twitter & APMEX Issues Statement On The State Of The Bullion Market Silver Squeeze Trends On Twitter & APMEX Issues Statement On The State Of The Bullion Market. 2021-02-01 11:45:09 4 months ago ; Views 4,497; By: Smart Silver Stacker; A + A-41. Shared Share with

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In contrast to the GameStop pandemonium, however, investors posting on WallStreetBets and on Twitter are split on the silver squeeze. Among those approving of it is Cameron Winklevoss, a cryptocurrency trader who along with his twin brother brought fought Mark Zuckerburg over credit for creating Facebook Your Time to Buy Silver Is Running Out. Because in just 3 days, it might not be a question of how much you can buy silver for but if you can buy silver at all. Supply is that low. Thousands of investors buying silver to squeeze the market, to diversify away from the dollar, and Bitcoin, and to protect against inflation could just be the tipping. Is The Silver Squeeze Working? | https://www.themorganreport.com. The fundamentals for precious metals are highly favorable. We are likely to see massive amounts of stimulus coming into the market. If you are not in silver or gold when no one wants them, you are always going to be chasing the market and paying the price Top 11 Reasons The Short Silver Squeeze Is Very Possible. Jan 30, 2021. Top 11 Reasons The Short Silver Squeeze Is Very Possible . The GameStop, and the Silver squeeze is a paradigm shift that has rattled Wall Street to its very core. Millions and millions of small investors attacking stock after stock, breaking every greedy hedge fund there is Silver may be used as an investment like other precious metals. It has been regarded as a form of money and store of value for more than 4,000 years, although it lost its role as legal tender in developed countries when the use of the silver standard came to a final end in 1935

Silver Squeeze Trends On Twitter & APMEX Issues Statement

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  1. ers began surging first thing in the New York morning Thursday with First Majestic Silver Corp., cited on Reddit as a short-squeeze target, soaring as much as 39%. Then retail.
  2. The price of silver surged higher on Monday as the Reddit-fueled boom in highly shorted stocks appears to be spilling over into the metals market. Silver futures rose 8% to at $29.06 an ounce.
  3. The iShares Silver Trust, a BlackRock exchange-traded fund tracking the metal, rose by 7% on Monday. It reported record net inflows on Friday of $944 million. The silver squeeze may be short-lived.
  4. Reddit day traders are turning to silver for their next short-squeeze target after being restricted from hot stocks like GameStop and AMC on some trading platforms
  5. The merry band of day traders behind runaway stocks like GameStop piled into silver on Monday in an effort to squeeze Wall Street. But metals market experts say the resulting rally is more likely.
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The Silver Squeeze Taught Us One Important Lesson. As recently as last week, millennials were being billed as gold-phobic and charged as a hindrance to any possible future move in gold and silver. Anointed as monetary thought leaders, the millennials had decidedly rejected precious metals for the future - Bitcoin Finally, our Mining Alliance Of Trust movement against Predatory Naked Short Selling and Kamikaze Pilots In Junior Mining is getting some support from regulators in Canada. Amplified by Reddit and Twitter investment communities Silver Squeeze movement can open the doors to the Gold Manipulation pandora box next

Silver Squeeze 2.0 and Wall Street Silver, Explaine

  1. On Monday morning, WallStreetBets posters accused Citadel of pushing the silver short squeeze in an attempt to lure traders away from GameStop, which was down 4.6% in early trading
  2. Summary. Since its founding in 2006 until February, SLV has been the most popular method for silver investment. Not anymore, with SLV holdings falling fast as the price of silver rises
  3. Silver made a violent move last summer when it broke a six-year resistance level. Prices have consolidated since but now the bulls may be returning. Notice how XAGUSD probed and held its 200-day simple moving average (SMA) in late March and the first half of April. This was the first test of the 200-day SMA since May. Second, prices have broken a short-term bearish trend line running along the.
  4. s in charge of moderating r.

What a time to be alive. And what a time to be a Silver bull. Even though we Silver bulls love the metal for the favorable industrial and monetary catalysts ahead, maybe a WallStreetBets short squeeze is what we need to kick it up a notch! Now Silver is always volatile, so keep that in mind, but the metal was at one time over 6% today Silver prices rose around 7% on Thursday PRECIOUS-Silver lights up as traders seek cover from attempted squeeze. Publisher. were circulating on social media such as Reddit and Twitter A short squeeze in the silver market may be igniting, but here are some other gold and silver surprises. April 21 (King World News) - Egon von Greyerz at Matterhorn Asset Management (based in Switzerland): The U.S. Fed, like the vast majority of central bankers, has a long history of messaging fantasy over reality in the name of self-preservation and/or maintaining market order

The Silver Squeeze is a hedge-fund coordinated attack so

A Silver Squeeze Primer A special free, public Sunday podcast. Download Listen on the go. TF. Founder. TF Metals Report. 269. Like. 50. Please listen to, tweet, retweet and forward this free podcast recorded today as a public service for all interest in silver and the brewing silver short squueze Join the #SILVERSQUEEZE Movement and invest in physical silver. Silver is the next Bitcoin. Protect yourself, buy physical silver now

The Silver Squeeze will likely happen like this by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report. After total world silver investment put a huge squeeze on global mine supply last year, the same trend continues during the first quarter of 2021. Investment demand for both physical and ETF silver remains just as strong as it was last year Yet silver differs in important ways from stocks like GameStop.For one, the scope for a short squeeze in silver is far less obvious: money managers have had a net-long position on the metal since. Silver futures on the Comex exchange rose by as much as 12.7% to $30.3 an ounce. The metal has gained 19% in price since last Thursday after posts on Reddit led small investors to buy silver mining stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETF) backed by physical silver bars, in a GameStop-style squeeze

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  1. Silver's manic Monday rally was never going to be enough to squeeze the shorts as those positions are backed by physical stock, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said. Still, silver remains the bank's.
  2. Silver prices have increased by around 20% since last Thursday, with investors piling into silver bars and coins, silver-backed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and silver shares. It's been speculated that Reddit traders are driving the 'silver squeeze' in an attempt to replicate the GameStop short squeeze
  3. Another Twitter user explained that for every $1 rise in Silver price, Wall Street will lose nearly $2 million to explain how heavily the Silver market is shorted. It all started with GameStop when a Reddit user found that Melvin Group, a wall Street Hedge Fund worth $13 billion has bought a significant short position against GameStop, and went.

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Wall Street Silver and the Great 2021 Silver Squeez

The big story last week was about the amazing short squeeze in GameStop (GME) with the stock surging over 300.00 for the week. This short squeeze was orchestrated by Reddit's Wall Street Bets through their chatroom. There is now talk that they will go after Silver based on the stories of the massive, short positions tha Lmaooo silver is also heavily manipulated and shorted. The only this if a short squeeze happens with silver it might cause serious problems for the banking system — post scarcity is cool ig (@ConnorKimball2) January 28, 2021. Silver is probably the most shorted, (using naked-shorts) security/PM in the worl Government: Silver Squeeze. In London, on the world's biggest free silver market, the price of futures in silver last week rose to 92⅞¢ per oz. This was a mere quarter of a cent over the current price, but it represented the biggest futures spread in 19 years. The fraction was small, but in the tight silver trade it was a lot Silver futures surged as much as 13% to Monday, touching eight-year highs. That follows a 6% rally last week when some posts on the WallStreetBets group on Reddit called for betting on silver as a.

Silver Squeeze Is Very Real and It's Happening, Despite

Top Stories This Week: Gold Makes Moves, Silver Squeeze Status Update. With silver in mind, we asked our Twitter followers where they think the metal's price will be by the end of Q2 Silver short squeeze. JP Morgan is clearly the next target of the group after Melvin capital suffered a huge setback recently with GME stock. JP Morgan reportedly holds largest short position in Silver and clearly the short squeeze will affect them severely If the price of silver from now through the end of March were to rise by 30% again, that would put the price around $43. But, if there is a larger supply squeeze underway, the price could go much higher. Already we are seeing several physical silver wholesalers using a two-tier silver spot price system

Is the Silver Squeeze Still Viable? - Money Metal

Twitter. The word in. LinkedIn. A stylized letter F. Flipboard An image of a chain Read more: Global stocks jump as retail investors shift focus to silver after a massive short-seller squeeze Silver prices and assets like the Sprott Physical Silver Trust (NYSEArca: PSLV) were in the spotlight in a big way last week amid talk of short squeeze orchestrated by some retail traders Endeavour Silver: The company provided 2021 production and cost (capital costs, exploration budget, operating costs) guidance. This is highlighted by: Silver production of 3.6-4.3m oz. and gold production of 31-35.5k oz. Costs will be higher relative to 2020 due to higher royalty and mining duty payments Retail sites for silver have been overwhelmed with demand for bars and coins, suggesting the frenzy that roiled commodities markets last week is spilling over into physical assets

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FOR USE ONLY ON CATS: Weighing 6 lbs and over - Do not apply product to cats weighing less than 6 lbs. Apply one 0.047 fl oz (1.4 mL) tube of Sergeant's® Silver Squeeze-On for Cats and Kittens solution as a spot or stripe, starting high on the back of the cat's neck to in front of the shoulder blades. Do not double dose cat Notorious Reddit group WallStreetBets (WSB) is not trying to pump the price of silver, according to a post published today. This comes in the face of reports claiming the group was going to give it the GameStop treatment.. On the contrary, WSB is actually against creating a silver squeeze because many big hedge funds have long positions on it—not short ones The price of silver is rising, but analysts are skeptical. Big banks have far greater assets than hedge funds, so it's a little bit of comparing apples to oranges. Also, banks might own silver.


Your strategic stock purchases are Silver BULLETS into the vampire's heart. Only invest what you can afford to lose. There are no guarantees that you will ultimately gain, but if we all work together, patriots around the world, we can crash their rigged markets and their global reset into our laps, not theirs Everybody needs to do something.buy some physical silver NOW! to put more. GameStop was a perfect candidate for a short squeeze. There was a shortage of GME stock. There is no shortage of silver. Most speculative investors are already wagering on higher prices as indicated by silver futures. So there really isn't anyone to squeeze. What's more, silver has already rallied 128% since finding a bottom back in March 2020 Market Updates March 27, 2020. In a dramatic week, gold and silver rose strongly on a decline of open interest on Comex. These conditions signaled an epic bear squeeze on the bullion banks. In early European trading this morning gold was trading at $1616, up $119 from last Friday's close, and silver at $14.44, up $1.80 on the same timescale Update: $500 :5a: [twitter] Makes me wonder how much pain is in store for the banksters over the next two days

Silver short squeeze idea is gaining momentum and, finally, we have the chance to channel a lot of positive energy and give some real power to the people. We can make the market a better place. The system is rigged, The Efficient Market is nothing more than the grand casino served by bought and paid academics and politicians talking on Bubble TV Silver-exposed stocks climbed early on Monday, after a surge in retail trading pushed the price of the precious metal to an eight-year high. Silver has rallied in recent days as some users on.

Silver Futures Gap Higher on Squeeze Play; Reddit Traders also Eyeing Silver Mining Stocks Today's sharp move in silver builds off gains for silver and silver-related equities late last week Meanwhile, Robinhood, the online trading app that halted trading on many stocks last week following the short-squeeze frenzy, eased restrictions Monday. Spot silver prices were up 8% Monday at $29.

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